Thursday, October 8, 2015

No Witchcraft Here!

1. Petrova is back in the lineup.

The new recommended yarn is Cascade Eco or Eco+. The pattern has been completely re-worked. This is a more technical knit that Glenora. If you've never done a bottom-up saddle-shoulder sweater, then Glenora is an easier option. It's also less fitted, which makes it easier to wear. I'm not trying to scare you off; I just prefer knitters to be realistic when selecting a pattern to knit.

2. The tea-dyed fingerless gloves are done!

The colour is a sort of caramel. They look best on, but I can't get pics of both hands at once, so you'll have to take my word re completition.

3. Bill completed and returned his jury selection questionnaire yesterday. It's a delightfully archaic bit of bureaucratic business. Good to know that if one has been convicted of "pretending to practise witchcraft" one is still eligible for jury duty (it's not an indictable offence).


  1. I love the caramel color! Very nice ;)

  2. ...and I'm happy to hear that Bill can continue to practice witchcraft with impunity.