Friday, October 23, 2015

Peak Colour, and a Better Spindle

It's the week of maximum fall colour in our slice of North America.

When the weather is sunny, there's a sense of serenity about this time of year. The sun is at an angle that brings more light into the house than in summer, and there are few insects out and about to annoy. The softly muted reds and greens at the front of the house are almost painfully lovely. They'll be gone in a matter of days when the nighttime frosts strike. Nature is holding its breath.
I'm celebrating all this excess of beauty with a new spindle creation. Kingston has a brand new Lee Valley store. If you've never been in one of these, you're missing out on some serious design excellence. As soon as I realized it was open, I ventured in to see if I could find some spindle-making odds and ends.

From left to right, here you see a jeweller's hand drilling set, a file (this was one I already had on hand, not from Lee Valley), a 1/4" dowel, a 3" wooden toy wheel (minus axle), and some 1/2" cup hooks.
And here is what I did with all of this. Voila my new toy!

In fact, this is far from being a toy. It turns out to be the best darned spindle in my collection. Who would have guessed?
P.S. The fibre is hand-dyed BFL from Riverside Studio.