Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Some Small Things

It's almost wool socks weather, so I thought it an appropriate time to re-activate the Brookline Socks as well as the Snakes and Ladders Socks. I really love browsing through the project pages for these to see what amazing socks Ravelers have turned out from these relatively modest designs. I hope you'll take time to do the same and be inspired. 

And while I had my Ravelry shop page open, I decided to add the Bellevue Mittens to the active list. I've been careful to price these items in line with similar designs on Ravelry at $6.50 Canadian dollars, which works out to about $5.00 US, depending on the exchange rate on any given day. I will be keeping a few very simple designs (like Pembroke) free, but in those cases the pattern will be published on my blog with a link from the Ravelry page.

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