Thursday, November 18, 2021

That Time

Time to haul out the woollies from the coat closet and sort out which ones need washing and repair. Yes, I should have done this in early summer, and bagged them away from moths, but somehow I didn't and here we are.

No moth damage, thank goodness, only a little wear on the elbows of my aqua Willingdon (my camera, as usual, is making this look grey). I did a quick and not very careful darning job (see below). It's on the underside of my arm and no one will notice that it's a little sloppy.

The leaves are sticking around strangely late this year.

Must get out and do some raking. If only the glow-in-the-dark ginko in the backyard would drop its leaves.

 Hmm, just as I wrote that, a huge wind blew up, so it looks as though I'm about to get my wish.

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