Friday, April 15, 2011


Bill and I set off this morning to Ballycanoe and Co. near Mallorytown, Ontario. They specialize in architectural salvage, mostly from nineteenth century eastern Ontario. I was on the hunt for something to use as a bench/platform for potted plants. I want to have a potted plant garden on my back deck and I want at least two levels of plants. The idea is to have plants cascading over each other, creating a feeling of lushness. Right now all there is is a feeling of barrenness.
So, we drove off into the hinterland and, just when we thought we were in the middle of nowhere, there it was. The morning was colder than it looked and Bill hadn't had any breakfast (I rushed him out the door), so he sat in the car while I rummaged around in the workshop and huge three-level barn built into a hill. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera, so sorry, no photos. Eventually, I emerged with a long weathered board and two sap buckets. Total: $20. Here they are, all set up and ready for some warm weather and potted plants.

Recycling at its best!