Sunday, April 10, 2011

Road Trip!

Got up early, hopped in the car, picked up a cup of tea from Tim Horton's and headed north to Ottawa. By late morning, it was warm for early April; my car's dashboard told me it was 60 degrees F. (about 16 C) in Ottawa. At this time of year it starts to be warmer inland, away from Lake Ontario. Good in April, not so good in July.
After a visit to Wool Tyme, I grabbed a sunflower pate sandwich from Bridgehead, and scurried off to meet up with Deb Gemmell of Cabin Fever for lunch. Deb's in Ottawa this weekend, teaching and speaking to the Ottawa Knitting Guild. She only had an hour, so we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine.

Deb enjoying sunshine and sushi
 After lunch, I headed back to Kingston via Perth and Westport. At Janie H. Knits, I couldn't resist this. (It's going to be a summer version of the Perth Cardi, with three-quarter length sleeves.)

Louet's MerLin, a merino and linen blend in a lustrous bluish grey

The Tay River next to Janie's was in full flood.

Waterfall just below the mill to the right
I stopped in Westport for a coffee and a buttertart (my usual) and stood on the bridge down by the boatslips, amazed that there was still some residual ice left in the lake.

In fact, I must have passed more than a dozen lakes on my drive and most of them had some ice. I guess the water in these inland lakes doesn't move as much as the water in Lake Ontario, where the ice has been gone for some time. 

Don't know why this huge Virginia Creeper vine on the way up the hill from the waterfront captivated me, but it did.

 Arrived back in Kingston at about 5:30. Lovely day.