Saturday, April 23, 2011

Calm after the Storm

Had a huge windstorm this morning. Enormous waves and surf crashing on rocks down by the lake. Walked to the butcher shop for some stewing beef and bacon, then picked up some tea and other goodies at Cooke's. Then, stupidly, drove to the Loblaws Superstore and battled the crowds in the parking lot and grocery aisles in a bit of a personal storm. Made it home eventually and settled down to work on my sleeve.
Yesterday I made four, maybe five, separate attempts to get the top of the sleeve just right. It's right at shoulder level, so it needs to be very tidy. Finally, I worked out just how to do it, and today I'm sailing down. Had to figure out how to do a purled central decrease. Instructions are here.

Work in progress here.

By mid-afternoon, the wind had gone, the sun was out, and I ventured out for a stroll. Lots of parents with their university-student offspring out enjoying the day at Confederation Basin, opposite City Hall.

Discovered that the ice cream store had re-opened after the winter,

found some forget-me-nots basking in the late afternoon sunshine,

and couldn't resist taking a photo of these beautiful pebbles in my neighbour's driveway.

Happy Easter.