Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm a detail person. I don't think I get caught up in details to the detriment of the big picture, but I like it when attention is paid to the little things. Like this.

View through the glass of our bedroom window of the wall next door
Details count for a lot in knitting. It matters to me that cables on the right half of a sweater are mirrored on the left half, that little motifs are echoed, and that the coming together of body and sleeves at the underarm flows together tidily.

View of underarm of Wakefield jacket
Cuff of Wakefield jacket
 In my new "Perth Cardi" (yes, that's the name I've chosen), one of the details is a centred double decrease down the underside of the sleeves.

But, although I've been doing this type of decrease for years, I realized that I didn't know the standard abbreviation for it (or even if there was a standard abbreviation). Thank goodness for the internet. Honestly, how did we cope before? A bit of quick research and this is what I found--"cdd". A centred double decrease means to slip 2tog, k1, pass the slipped stitches over (together). Here's a great video of it.
 I also found out that CDD stands for Canadians for Direct Democracy, the scientific journal "Cell Death and Differentiation", and Capability Development Document, a document used by the U.S. military when making decisions about equipment. Who knew?