Friday, August 8, 2014

Sheepdog Trials, 2014

Drove to Grass Creek Park this morning for Day One of this year's Trials. Even early, the parking fields were filling up. As usual, there were dogs and sheep,

but I was there to check out the spinning fibre. You see, I want to spin some laceweight so that eventually I can knit a Wheatsheaves Scarf entirely from handspun. I'll use a small drop spindle for the project. I don't have the skills to spin such a fine yarn on the wheel, and it will be more enjoyable to have something portable. This will be a long-term goal. Here's what I found...

Alpaca knitting yarn from Silver Cloud Alpacas.
More of same--spun at Wellington Fibres in Elora, ON.
Kool-aid dyed roving from Cornerstone Fibres.

Tomorrow is the Sheep to Shawl competition, with 3 teams in the running. Our Guild won last year.

 Here's wishing them good luck this time out.