Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cataraqui Scarf

So challenging at this dark time of the year to get photos of anything. Snow would help, because of its way of reflecting light, but we don't even have any of that--yet.

This stitch pattern is very open, due to the fact that the lace is worked on both right side and wrong side rows. Yesterday, while knitting on the chesterfield on the first floor, I noticed that the sun was casting an interesting shadow of the scarf onto the wall behind where it was hanging on the back of a chair.

Only a little over two weeks to Christmas. I'd like to get James' sweater finished up in time, but I'm not going to sweat if it isn't. I really dislike knitting to deadlines; it sucks all the enjoyment out of the process. In any event, James has a New Year's Day birthday, so if I miss the first date, I'll make the second, short of an apocalypse.
P.S. The Cataraqui River flows into Lake Ontario in Kingston, near RMC (the Royal Military College) and Fort Henry. The pattern stitch I chose is all about flow, and waves, so it seemed an appropriate name.