Friday, December 19, 2014


The Modern Gansey is progressing.


It seems to have hit that sweet spot where the knitting is interesting enough for me, but subdued enough for James. At the same time, nothing is complicated. So, there's balance. The body is getting close to being done. The neck is already completed.

I often like to get some of the finishing done along the way because it reassures me that the finished product is moving well toward its vizualized goal.
Our snow has melted, our tree is up, and all but the stocking stuffer gifts are purchased. I really hate wrapping gifts, so this afternoon I'll drop by Tara Foods and buy some of their brown paper bags with handles. Dressed up with ribbon (or yarn), they make a good wrap alternative and can be re-used for shopping. I can justify this laziness on the grounds that the City allows us only one garbage bag per week, and regular gift wrap is not supposed to go in the recycling bin (something to do with the dyes).
Have a lovely, relaxing (I hope) weekend.