Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A Taste of Van Gogh

Is there a better way to spend a July afternoon than sitting on the front porch savouring a slice of lemon tart with a really good cup of tea? Well, yes, if I had a cottage I'd be sitting on a dock dangling my toes in a lake. But given that that's not an option, my current programme ranks at the top. In all of these activities, quality over quantity is the name of the game. This morning I made this:

It's the lemon/olive oil tart from America's Test Kitchen (except that I always use canola oil instead of olive oil for this recipe). The crust is crunchy, the filling creamy, and the lemon taste is so exquisite that you want each bite to linger in your mouth. The vibrant flavour, the colour, the texture all made me think, "Van Gogh". Can't really explain it. Maybe it's the Provence connection.
Now that my aqua Willingdon is done, I'm moving on (or perhaps back) to something I planned out last year. The swatch looked like this:

Over a year later, I'm thinking of knitting this up in Drops Air, a blow yarn with alpaca content. I have some on order from Espace Tricot in Montreal. As soon as it arrives, it's destined to be transformed into this:

This is the drawing from my notebook, tea stains and all that I made in May 2019. I think this light, airy design will be perfect for early fall. Come on, Canada Post!