Monday, July 27, 2020

Hot Weather Solution

Our family spent 16 years living in Washington, DC. I know what real heat is like, the kind when at midnight the air is so thick with humidity you feel you could slice it with a knife. When we had home leave, we would drive in one long day back to Canada, and at the Thousand Islands international crossing, Bill would park and run into the duty-free shop to buy wine while the kids and I stood under the pines watching the pleasure boats in the St. Lawrence, the cool breezes wafting through our hair. There was such a sense of relief (in more ways than one, to be honest). We hardly ever experience Washington, DC-style heat here on the north shore of Lake Ontario. As I write, we are under a heat warning (as well as a severe thunderstorm watch) and the air temperature is 28C (82F). Laughable, I know to anyone who has spent time in the American South. Still, without air conditioning it's too hot to knit. My mohair on the needles is languishing on the sofa.
Instead, when it's hot I sew, at least in the mornings while the house is relatively cool, with a bit of wind coming up the street off the lake. Today I finished the perfect summer dress, the Wiksten Shift dress, shown here in Size 0.

The colour is a departure for me, and I'm not sure about it, but the pandemic is a great time to play around. It's not like I'm going anywhere. The fabric is 100% linen from here in "Pomegranate". Any scorching hot day when you can wear a loose dress over just a bra and panties is a win as far as I'm concerned. Oh, and the pockets make it a home run.