Thursday, January 28, 2021

Danish Translations

As of today, Bellevue Mittens joins Audrey's Coat and Zora in being available in Danish. 


Click on the links in the sidebar of the blog (you have to be viewing the web version) to get to the Ravelry pages for these designs for more info. 

On a personal note, Isabel is in transit today from California back home to Canada, where she will continue working as a software engineer for the same tech company. For now she'll be back in Kingston, although not with us because of the need to quarantine, not to mention the difficulty of working with her parents shouting at each other in the background. I'll admit to feeling anxious about the dangers of travel at this time. A few hours ago she texted to say that she had passed through security at San Francisco airport. Fingers crossed that she makes it here sometime in the early hours of tomorrow. 

Wind chill to be minus 24C tonight. Our coldest night of the year, I think, in what has been a mild winter. Stay warm.