Monday, January 4, 2021

That January Feeling

That dreaded post-Christmas feeling of let-down has settled in -- magnified by the doomy news that British scientists think that the COVID vaccines may not work on the newish South African variant. I'm trying not to think about that for the rest of today.

Instead, I'm focusing on completing a new Pembroke. I've been working away at this at a shockingly slow pace, mostly in the evenings when I want to zone out. It's what I invented this pattern for, and it works, especially when accompanied by escapist viewing such as Bridgerton. Yes, I've read all the novels, and although there are issues with the Netflix series, it's perfect for this moment in time.

Winter has arrived (sort of). Warm temps for Canada in January, hovering around the freezing point. Enough snow, but not too much.

So nice to be back in a house with radiators. After shoveling, the mitts go straight onto them for a good drying and toasting.

Same treatment for leg warmers. I wear these with the lower cuffs overlapping the tops of my mid-calf Sorels and the tops over the knees. There are photos of me as a small child wearing a version of these while out playing in the snow. I really ought to design a special pair to share. Like my popular Neck Thingum, they are a utility knit that rewards your efforts every time you head out into the snow. Not all knitting needs to have a wow factor.

Our boiler sprang a leak in its exit duct over the holidays. Two guys showed up this morning (masked, of course) to repair it (thankfully only a minor tweak) and then I worked for a while on my new self-drafted dress. Here are the darts I added in water soluble pencil. The fabric is actually Merchant and Mills laundered linen in a rich dark teal. Why does it look like washed out grey?

Bill accidentally dipped his laptop in a tub of water in the middle of the night (don't ask!) Now we're waiting while it dries out to see whether it's destroyed. To cheer him up, I've made a batch of brown sugar shortbread to have with our afternoon tea.

Caffeine and sugar might not be the healthiest choices, but it's the first week of January and a long winter lies ahead, so let's do what it takes to get through.