Friday, July 15, 2011

Colour in the Big City

Drove to Toronto with the kids (can I still call them that?) to check out co-op student housing for James, who will return there in Sept. to begin a 2-year journalism programme. For some inexplicable reason, James had stayed up until 2 a.m. and was zonkered. Beyond the help of caffeine. We parked at my aunt Mary Fances's house just off Yonge St. (so we could go downtown by subway) and ran into her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, along with sons Matthew and Christopher. My cousin Deirdre turned up, and later, as we were leaving, her sister Alison. So we had a surprise family get-together. Very nice, especially for my kids who grew up out of the country and probably felt as though they had no relatives on the face of the earth beyond their immediate family.
After firming up the co-op housing (which was really great), Isabel and I left James to read/sleep at the Indigo bookstore at the Manulife Centre while we walked to Lettuce Knit in the Kensington Market.
 As we trudged past the University of Toronto buildings, we saw this and thought about James and his weird sleep cycle. Had a discussion about young males and their sleep habits.

It was very hot and even though it wasn't muggy, we were feeling the heat by the time we got to the shop. No air conditioning, but lots of gorgeous wool, including these two skeins of hand-dyed fingering weight, now destined to be scarves.

"Viola" hand-dyed in Canada

On the way back to link up with James, I couldn't resist taking a shot of this, which prompted an analysis of why certain styles of houses take colour well and others don't. Conclusion: Victorian houses with gingerbread trim seem to adapt to colourful treatments especially well.

Drove home by moonlight on the lake. Now, off to Perth for my KAL.


  1. Sounds like a great little trip. Hope you had fun at Janie's too. And isn't the Viola lovely? I have 2 skeins of my own ;)

  2. September is coming up quick. How does this happen! Your son isn't by any chance going to live in the co-op housing on Huron St above the Robarts Library is he? That's where I lived many moons ago.