Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Come Clean

After visiting the big sale at Janie H.'s, I took stock of my stash and decided it was time for some re-organization. I have a couple of shelves I use to store my yarn, my policy being that I will not allow myself to have more than will fit there. I like to keep it all in plain view, both because it is satisfying to see it all nicely displayed and because it often inspires a new project. My designs tend to be yarn-inspired. That is, I usually start off with a yarn I love, then come up with a design for it. So, yesterday morning, I took a deep breath and hauled everything off the shelves onto the floor.

Pretty bad, isn't it?

Here's the "after" photo.

MUCH better! Now, here's the dirty little secret.... Halfway through the process, while I was ankle-deep in wool, Isabel sauntered in to have a look. Now, Isabel can knit, sort of. But she's never been captivated by it. So, when she asked if she could knit something, and I suggested a hat, and then we couldn't find just the right wool for it, well, you know where this story is going to end, right? Yes, I have to admit that we went out to Wool Tyme for some chunky-weight Noro. The payoff? Isabel spent the rest of the day happily knitting and listening to music. I might have a new convert.


  1. That seems perfectly reasonable! If you don't have the right wool for a project, you need more wool. It's a good thing you have different tastes in colour, because 2 knitters & 1 stash in a house could cause issues ;)

  2. Well done. A new convert to the cult (as my brother-in-law calls it).

  3. Honey, that is minor stash. I have a walk in closet filled with yarn. If you like I can send pictures