Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Containment Policy

I like to knit in several locations at home. In winter, I like a sunny wicker chair in the sunroom off the bedroom. When James isn't living on the third floor, I like to knit on the futon up there, especially in the spring and fall when it's not too hot or cold. In the morning, before anyone else is awake, I like to sit on the living room sofa with my tea and my knitting. The problem is that any given knitting project involves a lot of bits and pieces: my ziplock bag of tools, my pattern, my yarn, waste yarn for putting things on hold, a ruler, etc. And sometimes (not often, though) there's more than one project on the go with its attendant flotsam and jetsam. So here's what I do:

Everything goes on a wooden tray. I picked it up earlier in the year at Pier 1 for use as a tea tray, but it became the stage for my knitting paraphernalia almost instantly. Why not use a bag? I do when I leave the house, but I love the way everything is laid out flat on the tray. I don't need to dig around looking for stray ring markers and tapestry needles. And it's easy to pick up and move to a new spot.
It turns out that the City also has a containment policy---for parked cars. I took this photo through the upstairs window screen this afternoon when I noticed a traffic cop writing a ticket across the street.

You've got to love a city that's this civilized about parking violations.