Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miracle Book

I love the way that knitting design is more and more about spatial thinking. More and more designers are thinking about organic one-piece construction. I suppose Elizabeth Zimmermann and Barbara Walker started the ball rolling (if you don't count traditional garments such as guernseys, socks, etc.) Now a new book has come out that takes spatial thinking to a whole new level. Sandra McIver's "Knit, Swirl!" has me all excited.

What a brain! What gorgeous photography.  And thank-you for including a beautiful older woman as one of the models. I adore that. No wonder Cat Bordhi, in her introduction, refers to the basic design as the miracle sweater. It looks fabulous on everyone.

Spent all of yesterday evening digesting this book. Only problem is that the garments, by their sheer size, require huge yardages. Oh no, I might have to buy more yarn!