Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This post is really just a collection of good things (I sound like Martha Stewart-ugh!)
1. The new Trellis Waistcoat is progressing.

So far, I'm loving the way the burgundy is sliding into soft pink while the periwinkle has moved into turquoise. It's easy to maintain momentum and interest with this project because there's always something interesting happening.
2. Finally, here's a selection of goodies I picked up in Lake Placid.

From right to left: 
a) a wheel of multi-stranded chunky weight wool (some strands of chocolate, some black). Ironically, this was spun in Canada, but I found it in the U.S. Go figure.
b) a couple of balls of the now discontinued Mission Falls 136 to make a new pair of these gloves for Isabel.


She lost one of them at the end of  last winter. They'll look great in cherry red. I know, I know, Mission Falls was a Canadian company, so why did I travel to Lake Placid to buy it? (Because it was there and there's none left here.)
3. Two skeins of  Louet's Kidlin in a jewel-like periwinkle blue. Scarf/shawl in the offing, I think.
4. One skein of Cascade's chunky alpaca. Unbelievably soft and a lovely pearl white with no yellow tinge. Probably will become a cowl for next winter.
5. Here's a closeup of some buttons I found.

There are also some small glass ones made in Vermont, but for some reason I forgot to take photos of them this morning. Another time...
Why haven't I mentioned the yummy roving I'm spinning up? Because I didn't buy it in Lake Placid. It just happened to be on the tray this morning. It's Fractals Roving from Hilltop Fibre. I'll write about it another time...
 On Saturday, my friend Margaret (who will be one of Isabel's computer science profs this year) invited me to attend a performance of the 1812 Overture at Fort Henry. This is part of a Unesco World Heritage Site and a magnificent setting.

Gradually, the sky over the lake grew dark until we were treated to the climax of muskets, canon, and fireworks.
Thanks, Margaret. Great fun.