Friday, August 17, 2012

Trellis, v.2

Taking a deep breath yesterday, I hauled out the Kauni I had set aside for a new Trellis Waistcoat, and began the process of starting in on it.
Step 1: Wind both balls into centre-pull wheels. Kauni comes in tightly wound balls of slightly varying yardage, so tightly wound, in fact, that it's difficult to pull a strand from the centre. However, the main purpose behind the re-winding is that it allows me to see how the colours within each ball are trending. For the winding, I use a tall plastic bin to hold the ball while it bounces around,

and my ball winder.


Step 2: Since I want to have the dark colours of the pink showing simultaneously against the light colours of the turquoise, I have to pull a little of the yarn out of the centre of each wheel until I get to the right point in the colour cycle in each.
Step 3: Cast on. For my size, 36 inches, I need to cast on 223 sts in the dark pink. I insert markers about every 50 sts so that if I'm interrupted (and I was!) I don't have to count all the way back to the beginning. Also, I wind the short end into a yarn butterfly to allow it to re-twist the yarn as I work the longtail cast on. Otherwise, with a delicately spun yarn like this, it's easy for the yarn to unply itself, become weak, and actually break.
Step 4: Start knitting.Yay!