Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Case...

In case I need a new duster for my tabletops and bookshelves, I have one. See?

This is the first of my new stuffed mitts, inside out. Fortunately, it looks much more attractive the other way.

While it may seem odd to be spending time on such a cold weather project at the hottest time of the year, this is the best time, in my opinion, to work on these sorts of little things. They're portable, you can stash them away for emergency gifts, and they'll be ready when you need them some frosty morning a few months from now. Wouldn't it be boring if we didn't have four such distinct seasons?
Not sure whether I'll push right ahead and make the mate to this now. I want to get going on some re-makes of previous designs. For instance, in the coming weeks I plan to knit a version of the Trellis Waistcoat for myself, since I'd quite like to wear it to Rhinebeck in October. Then, I'd also like to re-do the Wakefield jacket in a tweedy green (maybe it could be re-named Irish Moss?) with the same sort of shawl collar treatment I just gave to the Buttonbox Vest--I really like the way the latter shawl collar flares and lies flat around the neck. Also, I want to design and knit "Morrismitts", mittens inspired by the art and craft of William Morris. I'm sure the second stuffed mitten will get done before winter, just not right now. My curiosity has been satisfied, temporarily at least.