Saturday, October 27, 2012


We've just had a few glorious days of Indian summer, and now it looks as though we, along with the rest of eastern North America, are in for some rough weather, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. It's a good time to enjoy the photos I took a couple of evenings ago while out for a walk sans sweater or coat--unusual for this time of year. At this latitude, which isn't really very far north at all by European standards, we still get lovely light in the late afternoon and early evening, something I missed when we lived farther south. The autumn foliage positively glows when the light is just right.

Even ordinary gateways look slightly magical,

and the park has a golden cast as the light slants down through the yellow leaves. (BTW, not much red this year due to last summer's drought.)

I love the slightly acrid scent of the fallen leaves when I kick them around as I walk.

That's Bill, and me with my camera!
On to some new projects, now that Rhinebeck is behind us. I feel as though it's the start of a new year, with fresh inspiration from the trip and new wool on the shelves. First up, I'm designing a new pair of mitts, which will, if I achieve my goal, evoke the feel of William Morris's art. Only time will tell how this works out. Second, I've plied the first skein of my merino/silk, and it looks as though it's going to knit up at around 6 sts per inch, more or less as planned.

I'm amazed what one can do with a drop spindle, a wool winder, and a shoebox! While I work on creating another approximately 200-yard skein, I'm thinking about what colour to dye it all. Check out this amazing resource if you're interested in Kool-aid dyeing. Now I'm off to the supermarket to see what flavours are available locally. If I wait much longer, the Kool-aid will be yanked off the shelves and replaced with powdered cocoa now that winter is breathing down our necks.