Monday, October 1, 2012

Planned Giving, Kool-Aid, and Other Random Thoughts

1. The partially re-vamped Wakefield Jacket is having a rest on a towel on the floor of the sunroom while it dries. You can see that I'm up to the underarms and, as usual, taking a time out for some wet blocking to check size. I (cleverly) stopped about an inch short of the desired length, having guessed, correctly, that the blocked fabric would grow by about an inch. Sometimes I actually get things right!

2. This seems a good time of year to look ahead to the gift-giving season. My new Fibonacci Neckerchief happily meets all the requirements for make-ahead gifts:
a) it's quick to make--about 3 days of knitting without really trying,
b) there's only one piece to make--no second sock (or mitt) syndrome to get in the way,
c) no size issues to worry about--the finished object will work no matter the size of the giftee, and
d) one 100g skein of sock yarn or other luxury fibre will do the trick.
Here's my new Fibonacci, which I started while on the bus this morning,

in "Poems" sock yarn. It's a bit splitty, and I don't think I'd want to use it for socks, but it's awesome for this little scarf/shawlette.

3. I'm still spinning the Louet merino/silk in the in-between moments of my days.

I'm aiming for this to work out to a DK weight when plied, but I'm still new to spinning and only time will tell how it actually turns out. At first, my idea was to knit it up into a scarf/shawl in its undyed state, but I now find myself toying with the idea of dyeing it--with Kool-Aid. I read this article from Knitty a little while ago, and had a look at this colour chart, and who knows where this is going? All I can say for sure is that I have no intention of dyeing my hair!