Thursday, October 4, 2012

In the Knit Lab: Adventures with Bobbles, Part 2

If you've been curious enough to try the bobble I described in my last post, you'll have noticed, after you've knit the row after the bobble that, left to its own devices, there's a little hole on the right-hand side of the bobble as it faces you. Here's the view just after the bobble has been formed on the right side. See the hole?

So, while the bobble itself is great, there's still this hole UNLESS you take measures. On the succeeding row, here's what to do. Have a look at the bobble from the reverse side.

Using the left-hand needle, slip it into the right-hand side of the stitch just below the last stitch (the bobble stitch) on the right-hand needle.

Then, if the next stitch is to be knitted, SSK it together with the picked up stitch.

 Voila, gap closed neatly. View from the right side:

If the next stitch is to be purled, then pick up the same stitch just below the bobble, but purl it together with the next stitch THROUGH THE BACK LOOPS. Ah, perfect!
P.S. Some readers may have noticed that a few posts from the past have mysteriously disappeared. That's because they gave a glimpse of designs that are now in the pre-publication process and can't be shown to the public until a later date. Something to look forward to...