Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wakefield Redux

Thanks to the baseboard heaters in our sunroom and a dose of afternoon sunshine, the new Wakefield Jacket is done. Yay! So are the instructions. The new version, which I have christened "Wakefield Redux", features:
-a slimmer knitted-in, inset sleeve,
-back neck shaping,
-a collar that sits flat and, thanks to some fancy (but simple to execute) increasing and short rows, frames the
 neck in what I happen to think is a particularly attractive way, and
-knitted-in buttonholes, but with a crocheted button loop option.
In addition, I've tried really hard to clean up typos and I've added a schematic.
"Wakefield Redux" should be available on Ravelry by this evening (unless a certain family member reneges on his promise to cook dinner).
I tried to get Isabel to model it for me, but mid-terms + a statement to the effect that, "I'm not a hearts and bobbles kind of person" resulted in the photos you see here. This is not a garment that photographs well just sitting on a hanger; the "skirt", for lack of a better word, doesn't show. So, for now, this is what I have to show.

I know a few posts ago I raved about the little celtic knot buttons I had, but when it came time to sew them on I discovered that they really weren't quite large enough. Although in Isabel's view the heart buttons (from Mission Falls--sadly no longer available) are "over the top", I love them. It's my jacket after all. Enough said.
Maybe I'll find a model at Rhinebeck who can do it justice. Who knows?