Monday, October 29, 2012

Thinking about Morris Mitts

When you get home from Rhinebeck, bags overflowing with yarn purchases, you're not supposed to go
off first chance you get to your LYS to buy yet more yarn--but that's what I did this morning. I discovered that the nice gold Ella Rae, which I used in the "Pink Lemonade" colourway of my Diamanda Mitt, was all
used up, and I really needed gold.

I've spent the last few days playing with the charts for my Morris Mitts, mittens inspired by the artwork of William Morris. For an idea of that art, check out this,
                                                         and this.     

What these examples have in common is lush flowing foliage portrayed in glowing, jewel tones against a dark background. I love the sage greens and rich blues along with the red and gold accents. I love the "busy-ness" of the style.
So, here's my challenge. I want to design mittens in worsted weight wool. That means that the S/M size will have only 21 stitches across the back of the hand and 21 stitches for the palm. If I were designing a mitten in fingering weight, then I'd have a lot more stitches to work with. I've been experimenting with charts, coming up with a way of creating the impression of lush foliage in soft greens and vivid blues against a black background. So far so good, but you'll just have to wait a while for the finished product.
P.S. Stay safe if you're in the path of Sandy. There are supposed to be 5-metre waves on Lake Ontario tonight. I'm listening to Dick Francis's "Second Wind", a mystery involving an attempt to fly through a hurricane. Appropriate, eh?