Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Smorgasbord of Finished Objects

From Ravelry, here's a smattering of projects:

LittleChurchKnit's Wheatsheaves Scarf. This is such a great photo. Makes me realize that I ought to choose bright colours more often.

Khandroma's Inverness Gloves. Same comment as above.

Why aren't I this daring?

Jaxie985's Harriet. So perfectly tweedy in Bartlettyarn. So perfect for her trip to Scotland!

Rabarbara, who is based in Norway made the MacKay shawl.  She used my favourite Kauni Effektgarn, and writes, "I started this shawl the same day as the twin terror attacks in Norway. This will be to remember the dead and injured and their families." She renamed her project "Remembering". Note that she opted to leave off the lace border. Beautiful.

 jrs' Buttonbox.

A classic, if ever there was one. You've got to love the dark tweed combined with the white shirt. A perfect pairing!