Friday, January 9, 2015

Knits at Work

This is a part of the world where we don't only knit for fun. Winter can smack us hard here on the north shore of Lake Ontario and that's just what it did last night, with snow squalls coming off the lake until dawn. The knits have been hard at work, indoor and out. These mitts are dry finally and ready for another bout. Notice the double layers. Who wears only a single layer of mitts? And forget superwash; it doesn't have what it takes to keep the cold out.

I had a look at the lot behind our house where we park our car, and couldn't tell which one was ours until I brushed off a few licence plates. Decided to leave the task of digging out until this afternoon, when James gets home from classes.

Took off on foot to do a few shopping errands.

Earl Street between Wellington and King Street E.
Princess Street on my way to Pan Chancho for bread.
The lake is still open. Once it freezes the snow squalls should end.

It wasn't exactly a hardship yesterday being stuck indoors with a huge yarn stash. I dragged out some skeins of Kauni and played, discovering alas, that it does not work up to the same gauge as Quince's Chickadee. I've been toying with the notion of doing two versions of my colourwork cardi.

I abandoned the Kauni and decided to cast on a sock.

I've mentioned my sock philosophy before. I'm not a sock adventuress; I leave that to other knitters. Socks are a way for me to relax with knitting--no thinking, minimal counting, nothing unknown. Frequently I crank out a pair in the same pattern stitch as a sweater I've just knitted. Brookline Socks after the Brookline cardigan, Urban Rustic socks after the Petrova jacket, and so on. Guess what inspired these ones?