Sunday, January 4, 2015


Environment Canada surely delivered--here's the view out the window this morning with everything under a light coating of ice. Good thing we don't need groceries.

This is a day to make soup, drink tea, and finish up the hat I cast on after dinner yesterday.

Before casting off,

After casting off, tassel added....

The yarn is Quince's Puffin in "Bird's Egg", knitted on 6.5mm at 3 stitches per inch. This was a top-down knit (the successful conclusion of an earlier less successful experiment). Why top down? I like the shape of the top, neither flat, nor peaked, and I love the beguiling way that the top-down format lets you sneak into the knitting, allowing you to feel that you really haven't embarked on anything much at all until suddenly, you have a whole hat ready to take outside into the January chill.