Saturday, January 17, 2015

Frozen (Not the Movie)

It's a tough time of year in these parts. -20C at night, -12C by day, and all of that's before the wind chill is factored in. Spring is so far away it can't be contemplated. What to do to stay sane?
1. Skate. Look closely and you'll see the child in the pink coat has a plastic frame in her hands to help with her balance while she learns.

2. Winter biking. Not for the faint of heart, but there's a lot of it going on here.

3. Ride the ferry across the ice for free. The Wolfe Island ferry keeps a channel open year round for residents. That's it in the background.

4. Go for a walk. I wore this getup and was fine, at least until the wind got me near the lake.

5. Coax my reluctant daughter to sit for some scarf photos. "Never again," she said. I swear there's no one as ticklish around the neck!

Worth it, though.