Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Minus 4C today, no wind to speak of (on shore, that is) and sunny. Everything's better with sunshine. Walked by the lake and enjoyed the view of skaters, sailors, hockey players, dog walkers, etc. all taking advantage of the spectacular conditions.

Phoning and skating--is this a good idea?

Spent the morning darning one of Isabel's much-loved, but worn, sweaters. Given my hatred of darning (it was the first thing taught way back in Brownies), I feel like a veritable saint. Even so, I'm not the best darner and am loath to show the results of my labours. Next I washed the sweater and laid it out to dry with a new pair of socks.

You may recognize the yarn as Patons Kroy self-striping. It may seem as though I'm slumming it as far as sock yarns go, but truly, this remains a favourite. Soft, just a tad heavier than most sock yarns, and wears almost forever (less darning!)