Monday, January 26, 2015

On Ice

Distraction from the bone-chilling cold is the best way to make it through this time of year. Kingston has just hosted the Canadian Figure Skating Championships, and now it's hosting an international ice sailing competition. It seems that the location of this latter event is not selected until about a week before the competition, based on ice conditions, and this year we have the best ice around. The Yacht Club parking is jammed,

while the participants try out the ice.

Others try tamer pursuits, although the skater in the distance here had on speed skates and took off soon after at a pretty high speed.

Looking for something less solitary? How about  a game of shinny on your own private rink? Someone's shovelled what little snow we've had off this patch in front of their house.

I'm sticking with walking and knitting as my preferred deep winter entertainments. I wonder if I chose this colour combo out of a desire for spring, warmth, and above all, green things.

Sigh. It's still January. Not even February (surely the grimmest month of all).
P.S. Need a good audiobook to while away the cold days? Enjoy historical mysteries? C.S. Harris's What Angels Fear is just out on, narrated by the always magical voice of Davina Porter. Five stars.