Thursday, October 13, 2011


In my rush to pack and get off to KnitEast, I didn't get around to showing off my fall Perth Cardi. (Janie now has the original grey model for her shop.) Here's the new one in the same Helen Hamann Luxury Alpaca, but in a rich blackberry shade. I've posted two photos taken with different exposures, but neither does justice to the actual colour unfortunately.

I wore it layered under my Wakefield Jacket on a rainy, blustery afternoon in Saint Andrews, and alone while driving on a coolish day--so useful.
If you're contemplating knitting this lightweight cardigan, consider going down a size from what you might usually wear. The loose gauge makes it very stretchy, and the low V-neck is very accommodating to women with more "frontage" than I have.

If you've purchased this pattern, you'll notice that the directions tell you to sew the buttons on back-to-back. Make sure that when you do so, you wind some of the yarn around each shank so as to leave a little space for the button loops.
P.S.Oops! I just realized that when I took these photos this morning, I buttoned the Cardi up the wrong way. Not that it matters whether the overlap is to the left or the right, but I thought I'd mention that I eventually noticed.
P.P.S. Bill and I have decided NOT to have a day at Rhinebeck after all.