Friday, October 28, 2011

Bright But Different

Sunny and cold today, with a noticeable change in the feel of things. The absence of leaves allows the sun to have more presence, but at the same time the quality of the light is somehow different--maybe something to do with the rapidly shortening days and/or angle of the sun.

View of Lake Ontario from the bottom of my street.

Planter in front of the Frontenac Club Inn down the street from my house.

Entrance to the Frontenac Club Inn.

I decided to try out the 3-stitch welt pattern in a wool/silk blend I had in my stash.I think I like this better than the Peace Fleece, so I'm going to cast on and see what happens.

On the sock front, I'm done with Sock the First and thinking about moving on to Sock the Second. It's unusual for me to have more than one thing on the go at the same time. Here's the garter-edged heel flap and V-heel.

 Excellent fit.