Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Few Changes/Improvements

After wearing Downton at KnitEast, I decided that I wanted to make a couple of changes. First, I wanted buttons all the way up the front to the neckline so as to have more style options. Yesterday I carefully ripped off the I-cord and re-applied it with more buttonholes. Then I attached a total of 7 buttons up the front. The lapels can still be worn open, since the method by which I applied the I-cord (it's in the instructions) looks good on both sides, but now I can also button it up to the neck. Here's how it looks with the new closure option:

Can't believe my window boxes are still blooming (sort of) this late in the year.
The second change/addition is that I worked a line of slip stitch crochet across the back of the neck on the inside, to prevent shoulder droop. The shoulders hadn't actually begun to droop; this is merely a precautionary action. See?

Not sure how to do this? Instructions from the Yarn Harlot are here
Of course, I'll incorporate both of these options into the pattern instructions on Ravelry. Should be done by the end of tomorrow. Anyone who has purchased the pattern will receive an e-mail notification.