Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Market, to Market

Indian summer and Thanksgiving weekend. Does it get better than this? Walked down to the market for some Indian corn to decorate the front door and some honeycrisp apples for eating. Lots of tourists (mostly visitors from Asia) and very few students (most have gone home for the long weekend). I checked out the pumpkins,

and the pickles,

and bought the corn, the apples, and some Red River bread from the Wolfe Island Bakery stand. I picked up James from the train station and now I'm going to have tea on the back patio while I think about continuing with this:

You may be wondering what happened to the Twice Tweed I had intended to use for the garter stitch. As often happens, I discovered that its gauge wasn't quite right and decided to insert bits of Manos del Urugray hand-dyed in a Fibonnaci sequence to eke out my supply of Naturally's Aran Tweed. The hand-dyed has lovely gradations of brick red through pink, which you may be able to see here:

Bill and I have decided to spend a day at Rhinebeck later next week. Will I see any of you there?