Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Decorating with Wool

We've been lucky with selling houses in Washington, DC and Ottawa. Our houses have always sold in a few days. When we started painting here a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't with the intention of selling, but then everything changed when a great house a couple of streets away came on the market. If our house doesn't sell rapidly or at the price we want, we'll just stay put here, so it's a win/win situation.
Today I took some amateur photos while everything was momentarily clean and tidy.

 The only downside is that things are a little bit crazy while we're actively showing the house. Anyone who has sold a home knows that the first step in preparing to sell is to clear the decks. Unfortunately, we have few closets (2 to be precise) and few other spots to stash yarn stuff. When life sends you lemons, as the saying goes, make lemonade. Here's a sample of how I am decorating with yarn.

How could anyone resist a house with so much great wool?