Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Irish Moss

In my last post I said I would enumerate the changes I'm making to my Wakefield Jacket. FYI, the Ravelry pattern is temporarily unavailable while the changes are in progress. I'm hoping to have the updated version back in my Ravelry store before I head off to Rhinebeck. One of the nice things about the internet age, and Ravelry in particular, is that designers have the opportunity to revisit their work, not just to correct out and out errors, but also to make design alterations. Here's what's in the works:
1. clean up typos (and yes, unfortunately there are a few),
2. build a better bobble (after MUCH experimentation, I have a lovely one to show in a future post),
3. make the armhole depth a little more shallow for an updated silhouette,
4. lower the back neck for a better fit,
5. re-write the shawl collar to allow it to lie flat, and
6. work buttonholes into the front borders.
Here's where things stand after a couple of days of knitting:

You can see how difficult it is to capture the true shade of this green. None of these photos is like any of the others.
The fall garden is showing off its slightly faded colours.

Now, back to more bobbling.