Monday, September 17, 2012

That Time of Year

The mornings are chilly, the sky is a bright, clear blue, the afternoons are warm in the sun, the scent of ripe apples is in the air, and it's a knitter's favourite time of year. Fibre festivals abound. There's the big New York Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck coming up, of course, but also this little local one:

Wolfe Island Fibre Fest. Sat. September 29th, 10 am-4pm

 I plan to take my bike over on the ferry and then putter around on the island for the day, assuming the weather is good. In anticipation, I'm doing a little spinning with some merino and silk.

I might be ready to try my hand at dyeing when this is all spun up. My Fibonacci Neckerchief is almost done.

Just the border left to do, then the bind off, and blocking. Hope to show it off tomorrow and have the instructions up the day after that for anyone interested.