Sunday, September 23, 2012

Even Better

Finished Fibonacci, v.2, this morning. I like this hand-dyed sock yarn version even better than the first. I love the rich shades of teal that go with so many things in my wardrobe, including denim, I love the slightly smaller size, and I love the cushiness of the superwash merino (this from the person who supposedly hates superwash yarns). Come to think of it, perhaps I shouldn't have unloaded my Madelinetosh Lightweight last August after all...
Here's the new version drying on a towel. Wingspan of 38", depth of 15".

Fall arrived right on schedule this weekend. It's chilly today, but mostly sunny. A good day for cooking something warming, so I'm making Mark Bittman's White Bean Soup (a double quantity with cannellini beans) from here. It'll be ready to go when the kids rush home from classes to grab something to eat.
Yesterday I walked to the market, an activity that's hard to beat on a fall day. Lots of apples, of course, in many more varieties than are available at the supermarket.

The last of the season's yellow wax beans were on display. They're so much more popular here than green beans, and I could hardly ever find them when we lived in DC--I suspect they don't grow well in the hot humidity of the mid-Atlantic.

There were the largest puffballs I've ever seen--like basketballs!

Happy autumnal equinox!